UV LampIndoor air quality is a huge problem for many homes without you even knowing. The problems can be caused by simple everyday things like pet dander, pollen, dust and even mold. The problems come in where your family is allergic to certain items and it can be quite uncomfortable. Keeping your indoor air quality safe and breathable can be done many ways and our technicians here at Right Way Heating and Cooling are ready to help you make it simple.

One way you can help with your IAQ is with a UV Lamp. These units help to clean the air coming into your home through the unit itself. Take a look at why many choose this as their cleaner of choice and what you can do to help prevent problems.

What Is an UV Lamp?

This product is installed in your HVAC system and helps to keep the air clean and free of items such as mold. It uses ultra-violet rays to purify the air coming into your home.

What Type Do I Need?

There are many products on the market and our technicians can assist you in making an informed decision on the product that fits your needs. They will come out and discuss your concerns with you and offer you a product that will help you with your home and your budget.

After installation you may have some concerns with the UV lamp. If this is the case, our technicians will come out to help you with the problem.

What if I have a Unit Already?

You may be sensing problems with your current UV lamp system. Our technicians can assist you with that as well. For example, some people have a problem with a smell coming in from the AC system while running their lamp. This can be due to a lot of different situations. One of those issues is improper installations.

When the UV Lamp is not installed as it should be, it can destroy items around the lamps such as the duct board. This can deteriorate over time due to the UV rays coming through the system itself. When this happens it can start to blow an unpleasant smell into the home while the AC is running.

If you’re noting a smell in the home, please don’t hesitate to give our office a call. This could be a sign of something going on in your system that can wreak havoc if not taken care of. As anything sensitive to UV light will deteriorate over time, any products in your HVAC system that are not protected will as well. This can be due to improper installation or other factors in the system that maybe you aren’t aware of. The smell coming through your home could be a sign that something significant is going on.

Call our offices at Right Way Heating and Cooling to see what is going on if you have the smell. Whether you need to install a UV Lamp or you have one already, our highly trained technicians can assist you in this area. These products are great for cleaning the air in your home if you are in need of an air purifying system. Protect your family from mold and other contaminants in the air. If you family has some symptoms of allergies or asthma, this is a great product to consider when you need to make sure you have the best air possible.

Don’t hesitate to give our office a call today about your UV lamp needs. We will come out and assist you in making informed decisions and help you find out what is going on with your current system.

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